About Us

Do you love to go camping and do you miss to escapefrom  the bustle of cities? Here in the little village Alexandru Odobescu (Mucesti-Danulesti – between Buzau and Vrancea Mountains) we provide a specially designed area where you are can camp away from the crowded city and everyday problems. Come to this picturesque place and you will feel closer to nature, with the perfect opportunity to relax, rest and regenerate.

We offer you the opportunity to go camping and to enjoy the fresh air, sleeping on straw mattresses and admire the beauty of nature that surrounds us from all sides. You can come with your tent, or you can rent one from us fully equipped.

Our campsite has a total area of one hectare and is equipped with modern bathroom, free wi-fi, grill and space for sunbathing. For more relaxation you can rent in our games or, if you prefer, just near our camping is a bar where you can play pool and gambling  games.

We know that the grill is mandatory when going to camping  so you can choose to prepare your own barbeque or we can do it for you. We also have vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs and many other natural products directly from the manufacturers.

Besides the fact that we have a great area for camping, nature urges you to take a walk outdoors on Salt Road or to fish on Lake Vintileasca.

On request, for larger groups, we can organize trips in order to explore the true beauty of nature.