How should we behave during trips?

Lately, I have noticed that more and more people are unhappy with the behavior of our fellow beings, manifested inappropriate to those around them or to nature. I have to confess that this is terribly depressing me.

– Indicator markings, signs that are so precious during mountain hikes should not be broken or “enriched” with inscriptions, messages, drawings, etc… Do not change their direction, because this may be a fact with serious consequences for those who come after you.

– Do not make a mess in the place where you stopped. Do not make a forest fire regardless any circumstances!

– Do not pollute the nature. Do not throw out packaging, jars, bottles, cans, papers … Submit all debris in a pit  and then cover it with soil, sand or rocks. But it is best to carry around them down and throw them in designated areas

– Do not write your name on the bark of trees, rocks, signposts, caves or other “visible” places.

–  When you visit a cave, even if it is unguarded,do not break the stalactites or the stalagmites!

– During the trips  you may meet rare birds and animals or plant species with a unique look and you will enjoy pleasant emotions and unforgettable ones. Admire them discreetly, take o photo, but do no harm to them.

– Meadows are populated with daffodils  and fragrant floral jewels of nature, symbols of tenderness and purity. Do not pick the flowers! Bouquets will wilt quickly and in vain, but by your actions you will take away other travelers reckless joy to see where the  flowers grow. Their continuance in the wild is a true miracle of the ecosystem.

–  Do not break, but respect all those rare plants that are protected by law and. Some of these are:

* garofita Piatra Craiului (Dianthus callizonus) -> unique plant that can be seen only on ridge meadows and forests;

* Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum) growing on rocks in the floors steep mountain;

* sangele voinicului (Nigritella nigra and N. rubra), two species of orchids that live mostly in alpine and subalpine areas;

*usturoiul cheilor (Allium obliquum), which can be found in only in our country .